Desktop YouTube Downloader & Converter

Desktop YouTube Downloader & Converter 2.3

Download FLV files from YouTube, watch and convert them

Desktop YouTube Downloader & Converter is intended to download, watch and convert FLV, a format still widely used to stream audio and video over the Internet. The application’s interface has multiple tabs corresponding to its various functions but it is a shame that it looks outdated.

The first of these tabs lets you download a video from YouTube by simply providing its URL as the program can automatically strip the real link for you. The URLs can be entered manually or imported from Internet Explorer. Then, you can access such information as clip title, category and description. Likewise, the tool lets you choose one of the available formats. Unfortunately, it does not seem to support other video-sharing sites or web browsers. It is also a shame that it cannot download batches of clips in a single session; yet, you can open various instances of the application to do so.

The second tab is intended for video conversion. It can transcode FLV files to MPG, WMV, MP4 and 3GP. Not only can the tool convert between video formats, it can also extract audio as well. Even though the application imports FLV as default extensions, I tried this feature with other source formats, as MP4, AVI and WMV, and it also worked. It is a pity that it cannot process various conversions tasks simultaneously or even create a queue with them. It is even worse that it cannot convert files automatically after their download.

As to the third tab, it holds a player intended for FLV playback. Luckily, it supports playing not only locally stored files but also streaming videos directly from YouTube. There’s not much to say about the player, only that it lets you control playback and switch to full-screen mode. The other tabs contain less important functions and information.

In general, Desktop YouTube Downloader & Converter is definitely adequate for inexperienced users. However, it is far behind other products of the same type. So, if you have high expectations, you had better keep on looking elsewhere.

Pedro Castro
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  • Automatically strips YouTube URLs
  • Plays FLV files
  • Converts between various video formats
  • Extracts audio from video


  • Does not support downloading or converting in batches
  • Cannot convert files automatically after their download
  • Outdated interface
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